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test jkkk




1 NT : 15 - 17 Balance, Semi Balance
Respon : 2 C : Stayman
2 D : Transfer Heart
2 H : Transefer Spade
2 S : Transfer Minor
2 NT : Invite

2 NT : 20 - 21 Balance, Semi Balance
Respon : 3 C : Stayman
3 D : Transfer Heart
3 H : Transefer Spade
3 S : Transfer Minor
3 NT : Sing off

2 C : 22 - 24 Notrump distribution
Respon : 2 D : Waiting
2 H : 5+ card
2 S : 5+ card
2 NT : Balance
3 C : 5+ card
3 D : 5+ card

Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC)


Opening Bids

1 H / S 13 - 22 5 card major

1 C / D 13 - 22 No 5 card major

1 NT 5 - 17 Balance, Semi Balance

2 NT 20 - 21 Balance, Semi Balance

2 C 22 - 24 Balance, Semi Balance

23 up 5 card suit

3 NT 25 Up Balance, Semi Balance

2 D / H / S 3 - 11 6 card suit

3 C / D / H / S 3 - 11 7 card suit


2C : 10+ HCP 6 + card diamonds

: 10+ HCP 5+ cards in a major and 4+ cards in a minor

2D : 10+ HCP 6+ suit hearts

2H : 8+ HCP and 5 - 5 ( better in the majors )

: 10+ HCP and 5 - 4 or better in the majors

2S : 10+ HCP 6+ spades

2NT : 12+ HCP, 6+ card clubs, and a side singleton or void

3C : 10+ HCP, 5+ card clubs, and 4+ card diamonds



Robinson used to after opening 1nt opponent, you must have at least 10 points and 8 high-card points.
2C shows 2 majors,

2D shows a single-suited major,

2H shows hearts + minor,

2S shows spades + minor,

Double shows a 5+ card minor and a 4-card major.

If partner bid 2C, You will choose his best major.

If partner bid 2D, You will bid 2H asking you to pass or correct.

If partner double, You will bid 2C, partner pass if clubs or correct to 2D if diamonds,

You will bid 2D if he wants to play in a major.

You will bid 2H a natural 5+ card suit

You will bid 2S a natural 5+ card suit

If partner bid 2H, You will pass or 2 NT asking partner for his/her minor suit

If partner bid 2S, You will pass or 2 NT asking partner for his/her minor suit



Inventor Name : Allinger, Stren, Rosler

2 C : usually at least 5 + 4 / 4 + 5 ( Heart + Minor )

2 D : usually at least 5 + 4 / 4 + 5 ( Spade + Other colour )

Answer :
2 H / S : 3 + card, Sign off
3 H / S : 4 + card, Sign off
4 H / S : Stop bid

Pass : Weak hand and Long minor is bid partner ( 5 – 7 ), Usually no 3 card H/S.

2 NT : Forcing and ask the second colour partner

Jump Suit : 6 card and semi forcing

D.O.N.T Disturb the Opponents Notrump

The DONT convention " Disturb the Opponents' Notrump " is use with 14 HCPs for the opening 1 NT of by opponent.

x : one suiter; relays responder to 2C.

2C : Two suiter (usually at least 5-4)
2D : Two suiter (usually at least 5-4)
2H : Two suiter (usually at least 5-4)
2S : Spade one-suiter.

2NT : Major-minor two-suiter (6-5 or better). Relays partner to 3C

3C : Preemptive, Long suit ( 7+ cards ).
3D : Preemptive, Long suit ( 7+ cards ).
3H : Preemptive, Long suit ( 7+ cards ).
3S : Preemptive, Long suit ( 7+ cards ).

3NT : Major two-suiter (6-5 or better), monster hand.

Cappelletti and Landy

Cappelletti in using for the opening of 1NT owning 1 suited and 2 suited hand.

as follows:
2C Owning a one-suited hand
2D Owning both majors
2H Owning hearts and a minor
2S Owning spades and a minor

To 2C bid, partner "relays" to 2D to pass if the suit is diamonds
To 2H or 2S, partner pass or bid 2NT to permit the overcaller to bid Club / Diamond.

Landy : for the defence of for opener 1 NT by opponent
2 C : having 4 + 4 or better in major colour and have 13 Up HCP
If you play landy, other overcalll for 1 NT is natural



Brozel weared for the defence of at opening 1 NT by adversary. Very effective to bother the biding fight against and parnert quickly can know the distribution which you own. Is usually used for the capture of contract partscore.

X : Promising to have 5 colour sheet ( any kind of ).
2 C : Having 9 Colour ( Heart + Club )
2 D : Having 9 Colour ( Heart + Diamond )
2 H : Having 9 Colour ( Heart + Spade )
2 S : Having 9 Colour ( Spade + Minor )
2 NT : Having 9 Colour ( Club + Diamond )

If point ( 16 Up HCP ) or strong ditribusi, bid level 3.

- Intend from 9 colour is have 5 sheet and 4 other;dissimilar colour sheet
- Reckoning your honourable situation, effective pass otherwise

Your Parnert omit to chosen which compatible colour and earn quickly conclude your distribution. To use the brozel, or minimum dobel have 9 HCP ( depended by your agreement and parnert ).

Sometime you have the strong point and distribution balance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If is of equal of equal balance and you have the point enough strength analyse to return your card, what opponent ready to play at 1 NT, what you ready to fiddle around with the above contract of level 2 & 3, reckon its profit or loss. All up to you.

Requirement of Ponsel

In this time Ponsel have come to the everyday requirement for, that goodness is student, teacher, functionary, doctor, dosen, student, programer, employees, entrepreneur, or profession executif,.manager, director, atlet, applicant work, etcetera. By means of ... this communications, by hp can phone the whosoever and just where from and can be contacted wherever reside in.

Ponsel don’t only as a means of just just communications, but also as entertainment amusement provided with by the video, audio, game 3D, calculator, photo, tape recorder, sms, remot tv, flash light, and still a lot of other

Technological growth of world specially television nowadays have merambah to ponsel, with the affiliation of both hence telecast nowadays can be enjoyed in ponsel ( phone the seluler ). Monthly almost break even exit of newest ponsel from brand which different each other. Each having separate idiosyncrasy.


1. Accomodating your requirement by ponsel

costly price, more and more complete of fitur.

Follow the example of the

- depository facility of memory phone the more amount

- facility of data Memory

2. Look for the reference about ponsel.

Advertisement in newspaper, internet, in shop. with the You friend understanding HP

Look for the given information usefulness fitur-fitur

3. Look for the shop you which can trust, test in the shop

4. Ask the warranty to take care of the problem later on day

If in a moment ponsel of a period of, bringing to the seller for the purpose of them can repair or change it. When goods which is buying is sophisticated model, warranty of vital importance because very hard look for the its repair place

Chosening Camera

Chosening digital camera can make to confuse by various fitur and price from at to product.

This Tips only guidance of before you buy the digital camera, so that can look for better, look for the supplementary information of before taking decision, can pass all fotografer or camera expert, and don't forget to ask to the shop which you'd buy.

Foot fault in order not to to chosen the wanted camera, follow the tips hereunder

1. Megapixel And resolution

If we like to print result of picture 2 - 6 R, with the resolution 2 megapixel have enough, if you wish to print the size measure of larger ones use the higher level resolution so that picture yielded is not blur

2. Lens

ook for the lens owning optical zoom 2x, to take the picture far

3. battery

Digital camera own various battery type. battery Lithium usually more durable, if used up earn in charges until the full.

Battery refill very good to used although very costly, but durable

4. Additional Fitur

Various digital camera own assorted of additional fitur. Accomodate the this additional fitur with your requirement

Video Camera

When you gather with family of moment of other event or recreation of tingallah memory respected. Nowadays the memory can be immortalized with your friend and family, of course excrutiatingly if the memory can be existed by like within reason film. To get all these, enough one which you own, that is kemera video.

Video camera born from record requirement a picture make a move like a film. Usually people mention with the term camcorder. A lot of type and also model the camcoder. From immeasurable of the type a lot of fitur which can in corresponding to consumer.

Form of the digital camera longer will minimize for the purpose of watering down under where on earth according to desire

You don't confuse to chosen the product which on the market from producer by various merk and its technology

- To make the film

- Record of vacation event

- Record of nuptials event

- To the effort small-scale film

- Tor the record of your baby growth

- Record of family event

Accomodate according to your requirement

Immortalize the your beautiful memory

Meritorious Flash Disk

Each;every finishing to conduct the work of data computer will be put in flopy disk of the size 5 inchi as data depositor, according to era growth hence born the flopy disk with the capacities 1,4 M. data pittance which can be kept by then. nowadays born the Flash disk by various type and its size measure, from 128 M, 256 M, 512 M, up to 1 G.

After created by no more flashdisk is which difficulty for the menyimpan of big data. the data can be in the form of the sofware, draw the, song , film, document etc.

Way of connecting Flash disk to computer by including the flash disk to port USB (Universal Serial Bus) which have been made available in computer, usually provided to minimize 2 port.. If using Windows XP hence automatically the Flash disk will be recognized. if using windows 98 or windows 9x usually driver Flash have to beforehand in install

Credit Card Tips

Credit card come from plastic card which diuat for the consumer of to transact. Mostly credit card own the same size measure and form is which have standard. credit card used to finish the transaction retail and credit system, Credit card is as a means of peaceful cash transaction substitution

Basically, credit card is not as amenity place to owe, but considering as appliance to facilitate and security in conducting transaction

Is principal from credit card isloan the money consumer for buying an product and paid with the a given time period which have been determined by pursuant to agreement to 2 cleaving party, unrightious of bank unrightiously is consumer

If somebody of menggunkan of credit card for certain hence will be imposed by a invoice flower. A lot of credit card offer the product with many glamor in it.

Example : - free of fee of per year - A lot of present of if often hence credit card

3 Tips in chosening and using credit card

1. In chosening credit card at one particular your bank have to know about the the bank

- Whether bank of publisher of credit card have credible ?

Example :

- How long the bank handle credit card, this concerning management of the bank administration accuration. Look for experienced

- Scope of Use of credit card very wide, although beyond the sea

- Whether fee imposed costly or cheap

- Rate of interest which is gone into effect enough kompetitif or lower

- How amenity in payment

- Is there any ansuransi of at bank giving credit card - Whether having card discounted

2. In chosening appropriate credit card for the you of, you have to accomodate your earnings. Each;Every type of credit card have the makings the - certain condition and separate consequence. Don'T miscast the.

Example: Credit card Silver, Credit card Gold, Credit card Platinum. Etcetera.

3. How do you look into the the credit card

Insurance for The Calmness Of

life habit from time to time make the business, office, other;dissimilar place or house. During in good health fluent ambulatory activity. Do not differ at day and night or sometime somebody fall sick.

Recognize used for the requirement of urgent finance, like pain circumstance requiring high expense. Here very assistive insurance role. in this time insurance doest only concerning just just soul, a lot of which can be insured, like house, car…

A lot of mamfaat we to get if following insurance. Life insurance policy is generally divided into two different classes; term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Insurance cover the life insurance, goods insurance, company insurance. To can to follow the insurance, obliged to pay for according to tariff from type and insurance company.

A lot of insurance model which can dikuti, there is according to time goals, and which forever

There is nothing wrong if you follow the insurance for the security of your own

Tips Reach For The Success Quickly

Successfulness of early from failure, this sentence non again become the matter which taboo for a entrepreneur. Successfulness can be gone through each and everyone variously, but important to remember, all don't as easy as inverting palm. Struggle not to hopelessly need in inculcating at yourself successful if we like to in an business.

A lot of problem that happened in have business. Start the your business from zero. Don'T too searching of production of a lot of, but look for the your business area science, undoubtedly production indirectly will increase. Fall to develop;build an business is commonplace, how the problem attitude us. Develop Build your business return inch by inch. Don'T fear to try, later will become an experience mean for effort you.

Following 14 tips to become success :

1. Always think positive

2. Dare to take a[n risk, but with an strategy 3. Develop;Build the relationship network for the width of possible

4. Inculcating to feel the strong self confidence, that activity have the positive side

5. Always read book.

6. Failure make a Iesson worth

7. Don'T lose face to ask to successful.

8. Don'T lose face to ask to unsuccessful.

9. Assume a work is as your hoby to be enjoyed.

10. Try sensitive to your environment.

11. Motivate at x'self anduntuk think positive if experiencing of failure.

12. Finish the work till finish

13. Assume the failure is an victory delayed

14. Success require the time which cannot in guessed, bear with.

How Far Time Esteemed The

Activity often confiscate the time, probably because very enjoying of the work, but how with the other;dissimilar work. With the our time guide can divide - for the activity schedule

Change will be thought well of along is time, but when the change known

How your everyday activity when don't have goals, possibility of a lot of castaway time to be free;useless ( possible the goals will be reached with the time old ones ). Usually those who cannot esteem time.

Nowadays a lot of indicative appliance available time by various choice. Various type on the market by fitur - fitur of exist in. To get the the clock usually dangan of way of buying in retail closest, internet

Indicative appliance of time or ordinary in mentioning clock have the different appearance character - different. If you wish, corresponding to your personality. By hence clock, representing symbol of somebody personality. Model the clock form there is classic, exekutif, elegan, exlusif, fun, bland, normal, etcetera

Important Example of time appliance

- If you wish to perform a meeting, surely will determine the time

How to accomodate the the time? . Without appliance of time of agenda of meeting cannot be started, because each and everyone have the other time

- For the research of its A lot of man of science and astronomer very base on of time accuracy

Cipta Internet

Requirement Internet in this time have come to the trend, any kind of can be met to by pass the article and also film. internet used for the business of that is business online. a lot of evidence that business of online or business of through internet can be made by a production source and can be pledged to fulfill requirement live.

The wide-speading of this business online because whole world can access the. illusory World growth very fast, a lot of secretory idea from each and everyone pop out. Nowadays nothing like resistance for the communications of because by internet all can communicate the although distance very far.

Besides to look for the info, internet made by business online. To be successful and expert of business online do not easy to. You have to master the theory and practice. To master the practice, you have to try the practice till succeed.

To start to to try, you have to know where from you have to start. to start the you have to learn its theory beforehand. best to master the theory of business online learn at perpetrator of proven by international business online class is its successfulness.

You can learn of the ebook which is gone the round of free of charge or buy from the bookseller. To master the science of business online, you are insufficient only learntly from one ebook. You have to learn some kinds of relevant science with the business online

Book and Ebook Improving Intellegence


Book is science teacher, a lot of which can in obtaining of the book. science manner can be met the. inspiration or note is usually written in by a book so that people earn the soybean cake of content which is consisted in. Book type start of the book sain, economic, phisikologi, experienced, comic, hadware,sofware and a lot of.

No a Book, difficult once to increase intellegence. That'S book function

In internet book referred as by ebook, a lot of there are free collection which can in download, quite a few sold. its read the book to add the knowledge

Word " E-Book" coming from English, abbreviation from electronic book. Electronic book in the form of information data made by like book is later;then run in computer

Ebook presented to use the computer. fill the electronic book is the same with the ordinary book content. There is story, Iesson, news, draw etcetera. Fill the electronic book recorded electronically as data and kept in computer.

With the existence of ebook, shall no longger be busy by bringing very thick book